Bigg Boss Tamil: Oviya loves Aarav, but he ends up with Raiza Wilson

It’s no doubt that Bigg Boss fame Aarav has already been a favorite of many girls, thanks to his manly look, masculine body and attractive personality. Grabbing attention of masses isn’t that easy but he managed to do so within a short time frame. It looks like he is already wining over the likes of the viewers with is generous behavior and is eventually one of the genuine contestants in the reality game show.

While there have been a lot of conspiracy theories happening inside the Bigg Boss house, a separate love episode went on between Aarav and Oviya, who proposed to him in the second day of the show, but Aarav deliberately avoided to answer anything in the affirmative to Oviya. Oviya openly confessed that she really loves him but Aarav silently ignored her. It looks like he is a guy who is very much aware of his surroundings and of course, a tough guy to make him fall in love.

Aarav was seen in close relationship with Oviya from the beginning of the show, but it appears he is just flirting with her and he won’t take it to next level. A glimpse of day 16 on Bigg Boss was out a few minutes ago, and it looks like Aarav and Raiza Wilson having a great time together, where Oviya was left alone.

It looks like contestants are performing for Kamal’s hit songs. In the initial days in the Bigg Boss house, Raiza Wison and Oviya had a good bonding but it doesn’t look like they are in a good relationship. Even, Oviya and Aarav have some sort of issues between them, and taking advantage over the situation, Raiza moves closer to Aarav.

While Aarav hones for a romantic Kamal song, someone took his microphone and of course, it should be Raiza. Subsequently, Bigg Boss asks Aarav to use Raiza’s microphone for communication purpose, and eventually they will have to be together all the time. In fact, it looks like a triangle love episode. Will Aarav turn down Oviya? Watch Bigg Boss Tamil on Vijay TV at 9 PM IST.