Bigg Boss Tamil: Namitha gets eliminated; Popular celebrity makes a grand entry today

Bigg Boss Tamil: Kamal Haasan pulled up contestants of the reality show Bigg Boss on Saturday for bullying Oviya the entire week. Jallikattu fame Juliana aka Julie came under fire following her dirty game of triggering the housemates against Oviya that led to series of conflicts between the latter and the housemates.

Kamal exposed the chameleon face of Julie in front of the housemates but she isn’t ready to accept her mistake and kept on arguing that she is innocent. Kamal had to put an end to her high voltage drama when she admitted of having a manipulative nature, saying ‘It isn’t manipulation, it is hallucination’.

Thangathalaivi Oviya, according to army of Oviya fans, is one among the contestants up for eviction this week, relieved after Kamal announced that she is safe. Army of Oviya fans breathe a sigh of relief upon Oviya being saved by the people and have been celebrating the victory since last night.

With Oviya saved from elimination, one of the possible two nominees – Namitha and Ganesh Venkatraman – has to be eliminated from the show. And as expected, it is none other than Namitha, who walks out of the Bigg Boss this week.The housemates are amused and enthralled by a surprise announcement following the elimination.

Yes, it’s time for wild card contestants to make their grand entry in the show. It is expected new contestants will be unleashed upon us today. Kootathil Oruthan team is likely to visit the house for promoting their film which is all set to release on July 28th. The film features Ashok Selvan and Priya Anand in the lead roles. So, just keep on guessing until the show hits the small screen.

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