Bigg Boss Tamil: Juliana expelled from the Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss Tamil: The Tamil version of reality show Bigg Boss is becoming popular day by day and viewers have been speculating of what could happen next in the show. With no eviction this week, viewers may have lost interest on the show. The makers of Bigg Boss have introduced some interesting tasks to push up the entertaining factors and it looks like, the today’s episode will gear up the pace.

Oviya and Gayathri together made peace on Bigg Boss yesterday, making Juliana to feel insecure as things goes up against her. In a promo released today, the housemates are told to select one contestant who is not worthy to be in the house.

All of the housemates unanimously opts Juliana aka Julie as the one who should go out of the house. It looks like a part of the luxury budget shopping tasks. It is Gayathri and Aarav who announce Julie is not fit to be in the house. Let’s see how Julie reacts to their decision. She will not go against Gayathri, but she might have something big for Aarav.