Bigg Boss Tamil: Juliana or Anuya, who will be evicted tonight?

Bigg Boss Tamil First Week Eviction: The first season of Bigg Boss Tamil has successfully completed its first week amid lots of drama, and we all know that one of the two nominated contestants will be evicted from the house tonight. Who will it be? Jallikattu fame Juliana or Anuya?

Out of the three nominations, Shree has left the show for health reasons leaving Juliana and Anuya in danger zone. As per the norm of Bigg Boss, somebody should be evicted each week from the show and the show lovers were eagerly anticipating on to who will walk out of the show tonight. Obviously, it is Kamal Haasan who will name the eviction contestants later today.

However, based on audience opinion and trend that the channel follows, Juliana is likely in the safe zone, so we guess Anuya will be the one who may be eliminated from the house today. As far as Anuya is concerned, she was very subdued from the beginning, so much so that she couldn’t able to mingle with other contestants.

But, when it comes to Juliana, she is the only commoner in the show, who is trying hard to grab the attention of audience with her crazy cunning acts. She has staged several dramatically acts since the beginning of the show and has been the centre of several controversies inside the house. Celeb contestants couldn’t able to accept her as one of them as she was from a different background and they have been pulling her down on all possible occurrences. As far as Julie is concerned, she is the only entertainment for other contestants and the only possible contestant to bring out high voltage drama. So who will lose her?

Retaining her in the show will lead to drama, controversies and fight and because of that she will travel through half way of the show, at least. Will she stay in the game to fight back others? Will Anuya survive this week’s eviction?

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