Bigg Boss Tamil: Finally, Bharani relieved, expelled from Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss Tamil: Bharani, who is one of the contestants on the Bigg Boss show, should have relieved a lot as he got expelled from the house after two weeks being in the house. On day 15 on the Bigg Boss house, Bharani made an attempt to escape from the house due to inmates singled out and corned him. In the late evening, Bharani was asked to walk out of the house for breaching the Bigg Boss house rules.

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His escape attempt comes after a day Ganja Karuppu was evicted from the house. Housemates had a strong belief that it will definitely be Bharani who would be evicted from house but the unexpected turn of events made them to show up their cruel face on Bharani. Gayathri went on to say that she will not be responsible for the safety of the women in the house and other housemates including Snehan, Namitha, and even Juliana aka Julie harassed and accused him pouring poisoned words on him.

I’m not sure how they concluded and projected him for all the possible wrong reasons. It was Ganja Karuppu who projected him for all the wrong reasons making the housemates to corner him from the very beginning of the show. Bharani spent two weeks in the Bigg Boss house anguishing about whether he had made a wrong decision to be part of the show.

Finally, it’s a big sigh of relief for Bharani. The man, who won the likes of tens of thousands of people, wouldn’t able to win the likes of the fellow inmates. Probably, it may not be his fault, because Ganja Karuppu has already damaged his image to the worst as housemates started to believe that he would be a threat to their safety.