Bigg Boss Tamil: Bharani is getting evicted this week

Update: Ganja Karuppu was evicted from the house `and it came as a complete shocker for all contestants. Ganja Karuppu has received the least number of votes while Bharani received 12 million votes and Oviya got 15 million votes.

Bigg Boss Tamil: The makers of Bigg Boss Tamil have never failed to shock us. The show has caught the attention of the viewers which is now being the most watched Tamil TV show attracting more than 36 million viewers with astounding rating. The viewers count grows up on daily basis so is the rating.

Vijay TV is arguably the best TV channel to create buzz around the reality shows and serials that they air on the channel. It’s no doubt that the channel has bid high on the reality show Bigg Boss, hosted by filmmaker and actor Kamal Haasan, which is the reason for pulling him into the show.

We have seen lots of drama in the show so far. In the second week of elimination, Bharani, Oviya and Ganja Karuppu were nominated by the housemates last Monday and also the public voting ended by Friday.

It is none other than Bharani who is walking out of the Bigg Boss house this week. Yes, apparently, it is people who decide who want to stay in the house based on their performances. And eventually this is what he wanted too. It is said Bharani has received lesser votes than Oviya and Ganja Karuppu.

Oviya should have got highest votes followed by Ganja Karuppu and Bharani. As per Bigg Boss rules, the contestant who receives least votes should be evicted from the house. Looks like Oviya is wining over the likes of the viewers. It’s our prediction and we believe it’s yours too.

As Julie is being the target of most of the housemates, she will be nominated this week, but she will remain in the show at least for few of the episodes. It is known fact that she is one of the contestants keeping the show alive. Bharani is the only support Julie has got in the show and with him walking out of the show, who will stand her side? Any guess?

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