Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 9 (July 3, 2017): Gayathri as new house leader, Bharani singled out and nominated for eviction

Bigg Boss Tamil Day 8 Episode 9: After eviction of Anuya from the Bigg Boss house, housemates have now cornered and singled out Bharani on the day 8, episode 9 of the show. Bharani appeared to have set discomfort and inconvenient to all of the housemates except few which can be seen during the second week nomination process. Will Bharani survive this week eviction? Let’s figure it out.

The episode started off with Ganja Karuppu and Vaiyapuri splitting jokes and imitating Bharani’s acts while others seemed to have enjoyed the show. Snehan said Oviya that one must be egotistical with a specific end goal to win which Raiza consented to however Oviya denied it. He was in distress and upset as the nomination process will commence in the evening with the new week.

Raiza, meanwhile, turned out as beautician and did facial to other contestants, including Ganja Kauppu, Vaiyapuri and Aarthi. Snehan called in every single other housemate to the dining table post lunch discussed on how to effectively use the vegetables and provisions given to them for the entire week. Looks like only few provisions were given to them as one of the housemates has been hauled from the show.

In the later hour of the day, housemates were told to select the new leader. Snehan nominated Gayathri and Ganesh for the next leader of the house and each of the contestants went on for secret voting. Gayathri was selected as the new house leader with the highest votes. In the meantime, Gayathri got tensed for Bharani remarks over her win as the new house leader.

New teams for cleaning the house, cooking and washing dishes were formed with housemates shuffled to all of the three teams. There has been laughter in the men’s bedroom as Ganja Karuppu and Viyapuru were seen mocking Namitha. The episode came to an end with the nomination process.

Almost all of the housemates nominated Bharani as he couldn’t ready to blend with others and for his fake acts. Ganja Karuppu and Oviya were the other two contestants nominated for this week’s eviction. With housemates feeling discomfort with Bharani, he is likely to be evicted this week.