Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 86 Promo: Snehan, Suja Varunee are at loggerheads

After Vaiyapuri was eliminated from the show and Snehan grabbed the golden ticket for the finals, Bigg Boss show is now back with the excitement that it has used to be. Today’s episode of Bigg Boss Tamil is going to be exiting as Bigg Boss will give tough tasks to the housemates that will pull their nerves.

Snehan and Suja Varunee have always been at loggerheads and with the latest task they took their rivalry to another level. From the promo, it looks like they both teamed up together for a task where Suja is seen complaining to Bigg Boss that Snehan is not doing the task properly.

After a while, Snehan is seen discussing with Aarav and Bindhu about Suja’s attitude to which Aarav says Suja slips words without thinking that it would hurt others. Suja is desperate to grab the golden ticket to enter the Bigg Boss finals and she dares to hurt others to win the title. Let’s see how the differences between the housemates would take ugly turns in the days to come.