Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 75: An emotional outburst in the house!

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 75 Synopsis: Despite fame, popularity and money, staying away from the house is a big deal for the Bigg Boss housemates and, as the weeks go by, they seem to get increasingly homesick. While few of the housemates like Vaiyapuri, Harish, Bindu were lucky enough to meet their family and friends visiting the house, the rest are longing for they to meet their family.

Fulfilling their wish in today’s episode of Bigg Boss Tamil, Bigg Boss will give a surprise to the housemates that will make their day an emotional one. As the stint continues, Bigg Boss will ask the housemates gather in the living area of the house for a big surprise.

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 75

Judging by the promo along with the song being played in the background and the talks around the social media, it looks like Bigg Boss will invite Snehan’s father to the house, with whom, he hasn’t been in touch for almost two decades. Looking at his father, Snehan will get very emotional and will break down. And, eventually, all of the inmates get emotional and will have tears in their eyes when they see his dad as he is said to be 95 years old.

Phew! Clearly it will be an emotional outpouring in today’s episode of Bigg Boss Tamil. Fair warning – keep a box of tissues handy while you watch.

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