Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 6 (June 30, 2017): Dishonest Bharani, Unhygienic Julie and Hardly Working Oviya

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 6 Highlights: On day 5, episode 6 on Bigg Boss Tamil, Oviya had suffered fever which seemed to be from love proposal which Arav made on the other day. Ganja Karuppu was seen talking about director SJ Suryah and Ajith on their first film ‘Vaali’ to Aarav and Shakthi. He also demonstrated how he will get work done in the sets.

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 6 Oviya

Oviya seemed flirting with the guy who might be watching her on camera in the female bedroom while she was doing make up. Meanwhile, contestants were seen backbiting about Bharani in the men’s bedroom. Apparently, Oviya asked Bharani the reason why he behaves wired and others complain about the same for which he replied that he acts naturally. Snehan and Shakthi enquired Bigg Boss on Shree’s health and if possible to include him again in the house if the norms permits.

The day went on well for all of the contestants with Raiza becoming the butt of the joke and cleaning team were asked to garland contestants based on their of childhood photos. With that, the first luxury budget task came to end, with the cleaning team scored 3 out of 4 points. The correct match of the childhood photos of contestants were shown over the display.

Snehan, at the lunch table, asked housemates for their nick names and how they wish to be called. Julie and Bharani were seen mocking others post lunch. Harathi, Namitha and Gayathri mocked Julie for her dramatized speech the other day.

bharani dishonest award

Contestants were told to get ready for the first Bigg Boss Tamil Awards were Snehan will present award to other contestants based on their performances in the past few days. The award event turned out to a bitter day for Oviya and Bharani when they were given ‘hardly working’ and ‘dishonest’ awards, respectively. Oviya refused to accept the award while Bharani received the award. Julie was awarded ‘unhygienic’ award, and as usual, she created a scene on the stage.

Bharani was seen upset for the rest of the day and complained about Snehan attitude to Julie and Ganesh. Julie was seemed to be the only target of housemates till today, but Bharani was also cormed by the house. Let’s see what happens in the coming days.