Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 59 Promo: Aarav gets direct nomination for next week’s eviction but there’s a catch

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 59 Promo: Actor and filmmaker Kamal Haasan’s reality show ‘Bigg Boss Tamil’, which is in its ninth week, has witnessed some surprising twists and turns for a few days now. The show started grabbing attention of the Tamil audience with the new wild card entries and some interesting tasks followed by low TRPs after Oviya’s exit.

In today’s promo, Aarav is directly nominated for next week’s eviction and has been given a task to survive the eviction. He is told to choose three of his fellow inmates and indulge them with a task so that he won’t be into direct nomination next week. It’s worth to be noted that Aarav has escaped the week’s eviction.

Kaajal Pasupathy, who thinks herself as a substitute of Gayathri as she feels that both of them have similar traits, takes on Snehan and Vaiyapuri at all possible chances. Snehan and Vaiyapuri seemed to be relieved out of pressure after Gayathri was evicted from the house. With most of the troublesome characters out of the show, it has lost its excitement and also audience begins to lose interest on the show.

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 59 Promo: