Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 53 Preview: Raiza’s irrational behavior angers housemates

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 53 Preview: After Oviya opted out of the Bigg Boss Tamil show, audience shifted their focus on Raiza as she began to take on Gayathri, another Bigg Boss contestant. Raiza and Gayathri are on a duel for days now, but her recent changes are annoying the housemates.

In yesterday’s episode, Raiza created a big scene saying that she couldn’t able to sleep due to disturbances and ignored participating in secret task. While things go bad for her, she follows the trails of Oviya to get herself eliminated from the show. She creates problem with her inmates and involves in unnecessary conflicts with them so that she may get out of the house.

In today’s promo, Raiza complains about Vaiyapuri to Snehan that she doesn’t like the way he behaves with her. She went on to say that no one has right to talk about her. Raiza walks out in the middle of the conversation when Snehan tried to console her.

Looking at the things happening inside the house, we are not sure whether she does all this to grab the attention of the people or apparently wanted to get rid of the show. With things heat up in the house, we’ll get to see some inserting actions around.

Watch Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 53 Promo:

So, who will be evicted this week? Why Raiza does behave irrational? Share your thoughts in the space below.