Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 51 Preview: Housemates unanimously nominate Gayathri for eviction

After Shakthi Vasudevan was eliminated from Kamal Haasan-hosted Bigg Boss Tamil show last weekend, Gayathri Raguram becomes the common target of the housemates. The duo – Sakthi and Gayathri were together since the inception of the show, with the former supported her throughout the show, even when she bullied and cornered some of the contestants of the house. Yesterday’s elimination came as shock for Gayathri as she expected Aarav or Snehan to get eliminated from the show.

In today’s promo, it looks like Bigg Boss has gone for open nomination where housemates have to nominate their inmates who they feel should go out of the house in front of the housemates. We are not sure whether it’s a task or actual nomination process because Ganesh at certain point mentioned it’s task and takes on Gayathri as to his conscience.

From the promo, it is clearly evident that both Gayathri and Raiza have hatred for each other so we’ll get to see some interesting and eventful scenes in the days to come. All of the housemates nominate Gayathri for elimination and judging by the promo, Gayathri will be up for eviction this week.

Gayathri has now left alone in the house with no support from her inmates and without Shakthi, she isn’t influential anymore. Raiza have changed a lot after Oviya’s eviction. With Raiza already taking on Gayathri and she could take advantage of her since she now lacks support from the house.  As people already hate Gayathri, she is likely to be eliminated from the show next week.

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