Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 5 (June 29, 2017): Drama heats up, Shree evicted, Juliana Birthday Celebration, Oviya fights with Snehan and Ganja Karuppu

On the fifth episode of Bigg Boss Tamil, Shree was expelled from the show, Oviya had big argument with Snehan and Ganja Karuppu, Juliana celebrated her birthday in Bigg Boss house and Aarav tagged Oviya in another task.

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 5: The fifth episode of Day 4 in Bigg Boss Tamil opens up with housemates woke up for a motivational upbeat song ‘Vetrikodi Kattu’ from Superstar Rajinikanth’s Padaiyappa. Soon, disappointed Namitha, leader of house cleaning team, brought in every single other housemate for a meet up and asked them to use bathroom appropriately and have bathroom discipline. She demonstrated how to use bathroom properly in the later hours of the day.

Ganja Karuppu fights with oviya
Frustrated Ganja Karuppu yelled at Oviya for not respecting others

The dramatization gets warm up when Shakthi hauled out Aarav (with Oviya) while Namitha prodded Shakthi alongside Ganja Karuppu. Snehan, in the mean time, leader of the house, attempted to persuade Shree asking him to act naturally wherever you go. There broke out a big cat fight when topic about house rules came at the dining table. Oviya had argument with other housemates, particularly with Snehan, while housemates got furious when she walked out amidst the meeting. Ganja Karuppu interfered and yelled at her asking to show respect to others where the dining table turned out into a battle field for quite a few minutes. Housemates were seen trying to pacify raged Snehan not to lose temper.

Oviya Aarav
Oviya, Aarav and Anuya discussing about the mishap happened at the dining table

Aarav was seen persuading Oviya about waht happened in the dining table, Anuya and Ganja Karuppu joined the discussion and explained on how to go easy with others. Oviya seemed flirting with Aarav said that she came to Bigg Boss not to create a family or to develop bonding with others however in the meantime she pulled him saying if she needed to make a family she can do it with him.

The next couple of hours of the day went well for contestants with Oviya apologized to Snehan for what happened at the dining room and Bharani turned out butt of the joke in the gent’s bedroom. Housemates gathered in the living room for the luxury budget task and utensil washing team was asked to garland the housemates, who they think they saw in the child photographs that were shown to them in the confession room the previous day. Gayathri, Shakthi, Harathi and Namitha had received garland in that order and all of their guesses were right. Juliana got excited which others cracked joke for a while.

Shree expelled
Bigg Boss expelled Shree from house citing health issues

Cleaning team has been called inside the confession room for the final luxury task of the week. Childhood photos of other housemates were shown to the cleaning team. Aarav, Gayathri, Raiza and Juliana in that order were the guesses of the cleaning team. The day went well for all contestants until Shree was called inside the confession room. Bigg Boss has evicted Shree from the house for health reasons. The house turned out to be sad for quite a while and they bid farewell to Shree. With Shree expelled from the house there are 14 contestants left in the show fighting for the title.

The later part of the day saw female contestants discussing about the possibilities of Aarav and Oviya to fall for each other, while Harathi said that Aarav seem to be quite reserved and will take it seriously if that happens. Juliana didn’t wake up even after the dog hollered at her. Another new task was given to the housemates to tag their soulmates in the house. Each contestant tagged their favorite solumate by wearing him/her a hand band.

Aarav tags Oviya
Aarav tags Oviya in another task

Aarav tagged Oviya that’s the highlight of the task. Contestants made fun out of them when Aarav tagged Oviya and that came as a surprise to Oviya. But, Oviya tagged Snehan. Contestants were surprised seeing a cake in the store room for Juliana’s birthday. Juliana got excited and bit emotional after cutting the cake. The show came to an end with female contestants seen discussing about Juliana and making fun of her for her twofold standard state of mind.

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