Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 44 Promo: Gayathri Slams Kamal Haasan For Telling Her Not To Use Bad Words

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 44: Last weekend episodes of Bigg Boss are one of the best and astonishing episodes since the day the TV reality show went on to air on Star Vijay. Both Saturday’s and Sunday’s episodes came as a slammer for the contestants where Kamal Haasan pulled up contestants individually and pointed out that each one of them are responsible for Oviya’s exit.

Meanwhile, Sunday’s episode saw the elimination of Juliana aka Julie from the house. Kamal confronted contestants one by one, highlighting their flaws, and told them not to discuss with other contestants. Sunday’s episode also saw Kamal Haasan taking on Gayathri for her excessive usage of cuss words, for which she replied that she has reduced it to a great extent and it’s a big deal for her.

Kamal criticized her with his witty sense of humor, but she couldn’t able to take it. In today’s promo, Gayathri is seen d biscussing the conversation between her and Kamal with other housemates. She seems to be raged in anger as she took on Kamal Haasan saying that she doesn’t want to be tagged as a person using filthy language. This is the third week Kamal is accusing her for using bad words which makes her discouraging and doesn’t want him telling her not to use filthy words. Only her mother has the right to correct her and not anyone else (including Kamal Hassan).

As we reported earlier, Gayathri sees herself as the boss of the house and inmates have to obey to her or they will be cornered and targeted. She may offer advice to others but she cannot let it happen to herself. Her name was damaged already to a great extent and this talk of her has been widely criticized on social media platforms. She may not have learned a lesson, but ready to blame and criticize others.

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