Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 41 Promo: A Tug of War between Shakthi and Aarav

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 41 Promo: Bigg Boss contestant Aarav has come under fire after the denial of his romantic relationship with his inmate Oviya. In yesterday’s episode, Oviya confront Aarav with serious questions like Are you loving me or not? Why did you kiss me? and so on. To which Aarav responded that he didn’t love her or kiss her and not sure about what she is talking about.

Snehan helped them to settle their issues while Oviya raged in anger said to Aarav to not come in her life again as she could not give second chance to anyone. The love episode finally came to an end. In between, she isolated herself and didn’t participate in any tasks as well.

Going by the promo of today’s Bigg Boss, the housemates are given a task of tug of war game where housemates split into two teams on either side of the rope. The team headed by Snehan wins the game and was told to nominate one player form the possible three contestants of the losing team. With Shakthi and Aarav getting equal number of votes, Vaiyapuri’s vote will be the deciding call, which will decide on who will be nominated directly to next week’s eviction.

Who you think it would be? Shakthi or Aarav? Tell us in the comments.

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