Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 40 Promo: Oviya Goes On Hunger Strike

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 40 Promo: It is no wonder why Oviya behaves irrational with Bigg Boss contestants for the past few days and it is not because she is arrogant or stupid. There is something going on that we don’t realize. There have been various times she run into various troubles and mental stress because of the irrational behavior of the housemates where she was singled out against the house.

It is not that easy to overcome such situations and one would easily run into metal depressions leading to serious problems. It looks like Oviya has been doing wrong things for the past few days, but she is doing it with intention as she lost all hope of staying in the house.

She fights back housemates irrationally with rationality, but she has to figure out constructive ways to counter them or she will end up with frustration, angry and anxiety, making contestants more defensive. She couldn’t able to make headway unless she understands and deal with the underlying issues.

Going by the promo of today’s Bigg Boss, Oviya refuse to eat even though Bindu Madhavi and some other inmates console her. She goes on a hunger strike until Bigg Boss address why she is doing so. Judging by the promo, she is been under heavy stress and she might request Bigg Boss to evict her from the house. Tune into Bigg Boss Tamil on Star Vijay at 9 pm to know more.