Oviya gives a TIGHT SLAP to Aarav when he says nothing is there between them

Bigg Boss Tamil: Bigg Boss fans freaked out of their mind after watching yesterday’s episode as there isn’t clarity of what is happening in the house. The housemates were given a task to portray mentally ill patients along with Vaiyapuri as psychiatric and Bindu Madhavi, Shakthi and Ganesh were each assigned to play wardens.

Amid the task, the whole episode just focused on Oviya concerning about her love with Aarav. They both had a rigorous wave of verbal duel at various times and Snehan tried to sort out their differences. Going by the sneak peek of today’s episode, Oviya goes on hunger strike until Bigg Boss summons her to address the issue.

In another sneak peek, Oviya, Aarav and Snehan are seen discussing about Oviya’s love on Aarav. Aarav apologized to Oviya for avoiding her the other day and when Oviya ask him whether he has feeling for her or not, he simply said there is nothing between them. Oviya freaked out for a while and gave him tight slap to keep away for her. Meanwhile, Vaiyapuri offered his support to Oviya as he believes her to be innocent.

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