Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 39 Promo: Oviya longs for Aarav’s love but he ignores and insults her

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 39 Promo: There has been bit of confusion prevailing inside the Bigg Boss house for the past few days. Oviya, who has got huge support from people because of her careless and outspoken attitude, is now gradually losing her support. Things have changed and she has been portrayed in a way that people doesn’t want her to be shown like that.

Oviya did fall in love with Aarav in the early days of the show and even the housemates fueled their love. But looks like Aarav played safely with Oviya and failed to express his opinion clearly. He should have told her that this is not going to happen anyway and forget all about love and things. Even Snehan pointed out that Aarab is playing a safer game and it is Oviya who is going to be hurt badly.

In yesterday’s episode, we got to see Aarab took the issue to Bigg Boss who advised to deal it in a mature way. As per today’s promo, it looks like Oviya wanted to talk with him, but he desperately ignore and insult her. Bindu Madhavi is seen advising to Oviya that why she is taking it seriously and juts get rid of it. Raiza keeps enjoying the show.

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