Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 38 Promo: Bindu Madhavi nailed Gayathri by defending Bharani

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 38 Promo: Bigg Boss is quite arguably the most exciting and controversial reality shows in the country and the Tamil version has garnered massive attention amongst Tamil people. It’s a sure shot hit, due to which people forgot other social issues in the country. It’s been more than a month since the show went on to air on Star Vijay which is now the hot topic of the hour.

Star Vijay released a promo for today’s episode in which Bindu Madhavi and Gayathri Raguram involve in a serious discussion about Bharani. She shoots out intense questions like why no one cautioned Bharani when he tried to jump the compound wall? Why everyone cornered him? Why no one helped him?

Gayathri wouldn’t able to answer any of her questions, who became angry at certain point. Looking at the promo, Bindu Madhavi started to play her game which eventually will turn Gayathri and her gang against her. There are lots of intense episodes to come out in the coming days.

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