Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 37 Promo: Aarav takes U turn, nominates Oviya for eviction

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 37 Promo: It’s no secret that Oviya has fallen in love with Aarav but seems it’s not the same with him. The buzz surrounding the duo is all set to receive a shot in the arm. Not only the Bigg Boss contestants but also the fans of Oviya Army gossip about them, however, Aarav plays a safer game.

The latest buzz is that Aarav takes a huge U turn and nominates Oviya for this week’s eviction. It came as a shock for the fans as he was the only person who stood by her side at her bad times. The shocking incident that happened last week where Oviya threatened to hurt Juliana made him to take this decision as he feels Oviya may be a potential threat to the house.

Bindu Madhavi, the wild card contestant of Bigg Boss, wants Gayathri to be eliminated from the show. She has seen the show for the entire one month, so she knows what audience wants. This time again, Oviya is nominated by majority of the housemates, including Aarav, Juliana, Gayathri, Shakthi and others.

Shakthi seems frustrated because Oviya is being saved by the people every time whenever she is up for elimination. It is happening again, the housemates see Oviya as Villain of the Bigg Boss house and desperate about her getting eliminated from the show.  Will Oviya Army save her this time too?