Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 34 Promo: Juliana insults Aarav and Oviya

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 34 Promo: It’s no doubt the makers of the reality show Bigg Boss bring in some exciting and enthralling tasks to entertain viewers as well as create buzz around the show. Social media users actively participate in discussions about the show and sometime involve in verbal duel since the day it went on to air on Star Vijay.

On the other hand, Oviya has emerged as a super power with overwhelming support from people, gaining traction and has become inevitable part of everyone’s family. Thousands of posts supporting campaigns like Oviay army, Save Oviya, Oviyans, and Oviya Puratchi Padai flood the social media space in the last two weeks.

In the promo providing the glimpse of today’s episode, Juliana aka Julie is asked to judge a cooking competition amongst contestants. This is the chance she has been waiting for so long to avenge the housemates, particularly Oviya and Aarav. In an exciting development, she takes a nag on them, showing her dirty bossy face, insults one after the other.

Juliana creates a big scene over there pulling them down. She also takes on Oviya giving her an insulting task. Gayathri condemns Julie for her bossy behavior. However, Julie won’t give a shit about that and will continue to do whatever she likes.