Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 33 Promo: Juliana plays her tricky mind game, desperately wants to get rid of Aarav from the show

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 33: Juliana has been constantly accused for lying and have double standard traits by the housemates of the Bigg Boss. She’s in an absolute rage over Aarav because he has been supporting Oviya who collapsed her plan of turning the housemates against Oviya. Viewers could see the rage rise in her face as Oviya made peace with the housemates the earlier day.

With Oviya have almost become a member of Gayathri and her gang, Juliana takes up new strategy to compete for the house leader next week as it could save her from elimination, at least for a week. The cunning face of Julie is exposed once again.

Since the housemates aren’t aware that eviction is pulled off this week, they discuss Aarav will be eliminated from the show this week as his chances of surviving the eviction is low than Julie.  Juliana desperately wants Aarav to be eliminated from the show, which we could see as she talks with Raiza. The duo now share close bonding with each other after Namitha was eliminated from the show.