Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 31 Promo: Raiza censures Snehan, becomes new target of the house

Oviya has been constantly cornered by the housemates for days now who felt lonely and a desperate sadness enveloped her and she burst out to tears. In yesterday’s episode as well, she broke down to tears at the confession room when she was asked about the things she likes and dislikes in the house by Bigg Boss.

Raiza Wilson has been a passive contestant the whole time now feels lonely after the elimination of Namitha. Everyone’s opinion is her opinion. She doesn’t have any opinion on her own, a selfish and a disloyal character, who is likely to be the next target of the house. Whatever happens she will nominate only Oviya and Julie and will get to realize after being cornered by the housemates.

The channel released a promo showing the glimpse of today’s episode where Raiza condemns Snehan to behave properly with her and not to use the words that makes her discomfort when talking with him. Vaiyapuri becomes furious over the incident and advices Snehan to stay away from her. With the unexpected twists and turns, Bigg Boss has become one of the South India’s most popular shows in recent times.