Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 30 Promo: Gayathri and Juliana continue to mock Oviya

As Namitha eliminated from the reality show Bigg Boss last weekend (end of fourth weekend), housemates broke down to tears and bid farewell to her. Kamal Haasan pulled up housemates, especially Juliana for their raging activities towards Oviya. He played a footage showing what actually Juliana told to Oviya and what she told to other inmates of the house. She was exposed but claimed innocence that Oviya manipulated the situation against her.

With Oviya saved by the people for the third time, it appears Gayathri and Juliana couldn’t able to bear the results as they badly want her to be evicted from the house. Though, Oviya tries on her part to make things smooth, but Gayathri and Juliana do not want to sort out the problem and keep on add fuel to the flame.

The channel released a promo showing us the glimpse of today’s events where Juliana justifies what she done the previous week wasn’t wrong because she did not want to lose her inmates (to satisfy the unbelievable ego of Gayathri). Gayathri and Juliana both continue to mock Oviya as if she had done all the dirty things all the time.

Oviya asks Julie it isn’t disgusting for you to behave like this even after all things, but she relentlessly ignore her. Both aren’t ready to accept their wrongdoings and may not have learned lesson but Oviya is constantly making efforts to resolve things, that’s why she has been the favorite of Oviyans.