Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 29 Promo: Oviya tries to talk with Julie but she relentlessly ignores her

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 29 synopsis: In a promo released by the channel earlier today providing us the glimpse of what audience can expect from today’s episode, Oviya tries to talk with Julie with an intention of making healthy friendship with her but she relentlessly ignores her at every possible move she make. Oviya warns Julie if she didn’t change herself she is going to suffer a lot.

Gayathri asks Oviya to stay away from them. Gayathri and her mates have not learned their lesson, but Oviya is winning over the hearts of people and Oviyans (Oviya Army) are thrilled indeed. In one of the previous episodes, they sang a song at night “Thirunthaatha Ullangal Irunthenna Laabam” which perfectly fits them as they doesn’t even have the basic manners of asking apology to her. Shakthi couldn’t able to face her directly.

In yesterday’s episode, Juliana aka Julie was caught red hand for constantly lying and turning the house against Oviya and admitted of having a manipulative nature. Lastly, the truth unfolded that Oviya has indeed been telling the truth the whole time despite the fact that Julie was never true to herself or with the inmates since the first day on the show.

Julie is not ready to learn from her mistake or rectify herself even after several efforts made to change her character, the chameleon face of Julie pops every time. Looks like Gayathri Raguram and her gang accepted Julie even though she was the only reason for the whole problem with Oviya had nothing to do with the issues, because their only target is to eliminate Oviya and will continue with their cheap dirty politics.

Let’s see what’s cooking in the house and who gets eliminated from the house in today’s episode.