Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 27 Promo: Gayathri Raguram and Oviya involve in verbal duel

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 27 Promo: We have seen the housemates targeting and talking awful about Oviya in the recent episodes on Bigg Boss Tamil, which has gone worsen in the last episode. Gayathri Raguram scolds her using the F-word when verbal fight broke out between her, Namitha and Oviya. And, in fact, Oviya is trying hard to not involve in conflict with the housemates, but they constantly nag her about her activities.

In the promo of today’s episode, housemates gang up together and involve in verbal duel with Oviya, who is singled-out and nobody lends her support. Oviya has told the housemates in several occasions to convey any of her wrongdoing directly to her, instead of saying in common tone. However, housemates still follow their own way, leading to a serious discussion as seen in the video below, which later turns into a verbal fight.

Namitha is constantly spreading hatred on Oviya among others, provoking a storm of conflict between Oviya and Gayathri Ragurum and thus enjoying the show. It’s an awful situation for Oviya, who is been the target of the housemates, but in contrast to this, she has won the love of tens of millions of people. There has been overwhelming support for Oviya on social media platforms with several pages dedicated to her doing rounds on the internet.