Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 26 Promo: Namitha and Gayathri Raguram shame Juliana in front of Tamil Thalaivas

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 26 Synopsis: The Day 24 on Bigg Boss Tamil ended dramatically with Shakthi burst into tears after he himself revealed that he was the one who exchanged the diamond and doesn’t want to win the game being guilty to his conscience. Even, Snehan, a self-balanced person in the Bigg Boss became emotional and broke down to tears recalling his wonderful childhood moments and family.

In today’s episode, the channel takes effort to promote the newly attached of Pro Kabaddi League franchise ‘Tamil Thalaivas’ in the 2017 Pro Kabaddi League. Kamal Haasan is appointed as the brand ambassador of ‘Tamil Thalaivas,’ co-owned by India batting legend Sachin Tendulkar. They are invited to the Bigg Boss show to show off their talent and will play some friendly matches with the housemates.

In the latest development, when Juliana was told to read the rules of the game at the living room in the Bigg Boss, Namitha and Gayathri Raguram pull off and shame her in front of the players, asking her to handover it to the house leader. Namitha starts to humiliate her who is later accompanied by Gayathri Raguram.

Namitha is using all of the possible chances or create chances to make her discomfort wherever possible as she dislikes Juliana since the beginning of the show. Juliana, knowing all of this, is trying to go easy with housemates, but some of them continuously mock her. Though, Juliana shows plays double game with Oviya, she is the only one who supports her in her bad times. Namitha insults Oviya when she talk in support of Juliana to her.

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