Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 24 Promo: Servant (Snehan) creates problem among family members

Bigg Boss Tamil episode 24: Looks like today’s episode (Day 23, episode 24) turns out amusing as the housemates are given an engaging luxury budget shopping task called Joint Family. The housemates are told to spend the day like a family that means each housemate will be assigned any of the roles in the family.And, obviously, there are a lot of problems arise among the housemates.

Vaiyapuri, being the oldest person inside the Bigg Boss house, becomes the head of the family where he assigns each contestant a bonding relationship like his son, daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, and so on. With everyone assigned a role in the family, Snehan is left out and is assigned as the servant of the house.

It came as a shocking announcement and eventually he becomes furious over the decision. He has to do all of the tidy things in the house like cleaning, cooking and washing dishes. The raving Snehan begins to create problems among the family members that end up in a big conflict between the family members. Looks like, he has the happy knack of making family members fighting with each other.

Oviya, Namitha, Ganesh Venkatram were nominated for this week eviction. Who should be evicted?

Meanwhile, the housemates feel that Ganesh Venkatraman will be evicted from the Bigg Boss house this week. Since Oviya has survived the eviction twice, she appears to be over-confident and makes things worse around her. So, who you think will be evicted from the house this week? Share your thoughts on Bigg Boss reality show in the comments below.

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