Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 23 Promo: Namitha takes the role of Ganja Karuppu, spreads hatred on Julie and Oviya

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 23: The third weekend episode on Bigg Boss Tamil ended with a surprising session. Bharani, who was ousted from the house the previous week, appeared on the show and shared his horrifying experiences in the Bigg Boss house. He accused the housemates, especially Snehan and Gayathri Raguram for cornering him, and the antagonizing statements (womanizer) made by them forced him to walk out of the show. There are high chances for him to get wild-card entry in the future.

In today’s episode, we may expect some twists and turns as the housemates will try out different strategies to win the likes of the TV audiences. Namitha is playing her part very well, fulfilling the role of Ganja Karuppu, spreading hatred among housemates. She doesn’t like Juliana aka Julia from the very beginning of the show, who has been insulting her at every possible chances she get.

Namitha even dislikes Oviya, as it looks like she is jealous of Oviya’s fame who survived eviction twice. Both Oviya and Juliana have survived the elimination twice in the Bigg Boss show and that makes others to fear on their increasing popularity among fans. So, Namitha plays her mind game, trying to single out them.

As far as Oviya and Julie are concerned, they need to face the hatred of other housemates in the coming days and apparently Oviya will be again nominated this week too. But, these guys have forgotten the fact that she has already earned the love of tens of millions of people.

Juliana and Gayathri nominate Oviya citing she is acting while Shakthi nominate Namitha for her insulting attitude. Namitha and Oviya involve in a small conflict in the new leader section process.

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