Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 18 Promo: Jallikattu fame Juliana vows to eliminate Harathi

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 18: The stage of Bigg Boss is getting more dramatic post the eviction of Ganja Karuppu. The harsh treatment that Bharani met out in the Bigg Boss house isn’t acceptable who walked out of the house after making an attempt to escape from the house.

With Bharani eliminated from the game show, the housemates started to target Oviya and even Aarav who was seen flirting with her in the last two weeks, has taken a big U turn, and joined with the others inmates. He even doubts her personal traits since she proposed him in quick succession of events. It is pathetic to see, Gayathri, Snehan and Aarav question her credibility, and character as she speaks out against their shameless acts.

In today’s episode on Bigg Boss, Juliana vows to eliminate Harathi before she walks out of the game. Harathi said that everyone in the house were wearing a mask except her and aren’t true to anyone in the house. Though, she created a big scene in the later hours of the day, saying that she didn’t mean it and really didn’t mean that way.

We have seen the true faces of most of the contestants in the two weeks of the Bigg Boss reality show, and with more days to go, more of dark side of the contestants will be revealed.