Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 17 Promo: After Bharani, It is Oviya housemates’ new target

On day 16, Bigg Boss contestants gang up together and openly criticize Oviya about her personal traits and activities in the house, which is clearly evident that she forms the new target of the housemates. The episode 16 has shocked the audience with Bharani attempted to escape from the house by jumping over the walls. And thus he was evicted from the house for violating the Bigg Boss rules.

Housemates used the same technique towards Bharani where they singled out him, openly criticized his character and behavior and projected him as a bad person. Housemates frustrate him by saying there won’t be any safety for women contestants if he continue to stay in the house, thus pushing him to an unstable state.

Frustrated and depressed Bharani makes an attempt to escape from the house by jumping over the walls, and was later eliminated from the show. And, in fact, it’s safe for him outside the house.

The promo video showing the glimpse of the day 16, provides Gayathri and Snehan provoke Oviya by saying she is acting and not a good person. They went on to say that she is more or less similar to Juliana aka Julie. While other housemates Shakthi, Namitha and others join with these two contestants (who are actually the problem creators) and go against her and, in fact, both Snehan and Gayathri  are actually spoiling their images on a public platform.

They want Oviya to walk out of the house juts like Bharani did, due to pressure they give to her, as she is only person who question them. Will Oviya fight them back? Let’s see in the coming episodes.

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