Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 16 promo: Frustrated Bharani tries to escape from Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 16 promo: Following Anuya, Ganja Karuppu was evicted last Sunday. Bharani survived the elimination with viewers’ huge support but he is still not able to get support of fellow contestants who have singled out him from the very beginning of the show.

Housemates are not ready to accept him at any cost and even Juliana aka Julie who was largely backed by Bharani when she was in distress even failed him. They believe he is the reason for Ganja Karuppu’s eviction and so they show their anger on him in every possible way.

In the below promo video, looks like the frustrated Bharani is trying to escape from the house. In case you do not know, the entire house is protected by eclectic fence and no one from the house taken any step to cool down him. The only thing they want is that he should be expelled from the house in any way and if he even dies they won’t care for him.

It is shocking to see how cruel and hatred they are. The hatred for him began with Ganja Karuppu spoke ill of him and made others to hate him at their best. I’m not certain what Bharani had done to him, but targeting and showing hatred on a person like this is not acceptable at any cost.

Bigg Boss should immediately take up this issue with other housemates and need to resolve the issues as soon as possible. Though, it is a reality show, it’s not acceptable pushing Bharani in weird situation that could affect him mentally. He has already lost his stability and his peculiar acts are enough to prove that. Will Bharani fight them back?

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