Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 13 Promo: Snehan and Bharani involve in a verbal fight

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 13 Promo: With just a day ahead for the Bigg Boss to announce this week eviction contestant, the show gets intense with housemates involving in fights revealing their shrewd true faces. Some contestants from film fraternities couldn’t able to digest the fact that they need to contend with a commoner that is clearly revealed by the acts of Gayathri and Harathi who have been cornering Julie from the very first day of the show.

On day 12, episode 13 of the reality show, there are lots of dram to come up. Looks like Snehan and Bharani involve in a verbal fight where he is accusing Bharani hitting Ganja Karuppu on his back. But, Bharrani denies saying why he should hit him. Bharani was seen in the confession room complaining about Snehan and some of the other contestants teaming up against him.

Gayathri, on the other hand, didn’t eat since the previous night. She has all the earmarks of being in trouble and agonizing over losing to a commener Julie. Last weekend, we saw Kamal Haasan addressed the fight involving Ganja Karupu and Bharani in the first week and even cautioned Karuppu to control his anger.

If you have seen the Hindi version of Bigg Boss hosted by Salman Khan, you might know that he used to address these sorts of issues with the housemates and try to resolve them. With Julie and Bharani took up the issues to Bigg Boss, will Kamal Haasan address the issue with housemates?