Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 12 Promo: Jallikattu fame Juliana singled out, decides to leave the show

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 11 Promo: In the previous episode of Bigg Boss Tamil, contestants had to take up three luxury budget tasks in which they lost in one of the tasks. It appeared that the day went on well for all of the contestants except a few drama scenes here and there. However, it’s quite a lovely day for them.

However, it doesn’t mean, they will have great bonding with each other for the rest of the show. In the promo of season 1 of Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 11, Julie has a big fight with Harathi and Gayathri who they have been accusing and targeting form the very first day. Obviously, it’s high time for Juliana, because both of them are not ready to accept her in anyway and they want her to expel from the show.

It looks like the fight slips to the next level forcing her take an intense decision to leave the show. She request Bigg Boss to expel her from the show. Will Julie leave the show or fight back them? Catch today’s Bigg Boss episode on Vijay TV at 9 pm IST.

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