Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 12 (July 6, 2017): Juliana fights back Harathi and Gayathri

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 12: It appears to be a usual day for the housemates of Bigg Boss until Julie gets herself involved in the verbal fight with Harathi and Gayathri. The day kick started with Oviya seen dancing for the morning wakeup song while Raiza applies make up to Julie which makes her unrecognizable.

Aarav is seen making fun of Julie at the breakfast table as he couldn’t able to recognize her and Namitha and other contestants join him ensuring to pull her down. Namitha couldn’t able to control her laughing, which in fact irritates Vaiyapuri. Juliana is seen discussing about toilet hygiene to other housemates.

Housemates are given another luxury budget shopping task a couple of hours later. Snehen, headmaster of the school, gives reach contestant a tongue twister in Tamil which they have to repeat it continuously for five times after practicing. It looks like Oviya to be the only contestant looking cool and enjoying herself in the Bigg Boss house, practiced tongue twister in her own unique way entertaining other housemates and viewers while others are seen seriously practicing.

Gayathri and Harathi are always keen pulling down Julie whenever they get chances and if not, they create them by themselves. Harathi tries to provoke Julie by asking what she misses when she is in the Bigg Boss House. Julie says she is missing hospital, but, Harathi hits back questioning as to why she misses it when she has left the job and come. The conversation gets intense when Gayathri joins Harathi and they both are seen teasing her with stupid and unwanted questions.

At some point of time, Julie who has been passive all these days when they pound on her, hits them back when Harathi accuses her as fake and acting in the show. It is clearly evident that Gayathri and Harathi dislike Julie and couldn’t able to accept her. They want her to leave the show by creating wrong impression about her.

Oviya takes effort to help Julie and neutralize the situation between Gayathri and Julie as she is seen crying at the lawn. The issues has been sorted out, however, the tension still prevails between Julie and Haarathi. In the later hours of the day, contestants perform tongue twister as a part of luxury budget shopping task. Later the day, Aarav enacts how Ganesh did the scene with Oviya in the garden area and makes them laugh. Meanwhile, Ganja Karuppu and some of the men contestants are seen having fun with Ganesh asking him to perform a scene from ‘Paruthiveeran’ movie.

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