Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 11 (July 5, 2017): Housemates take up three luxury budget shopping tasks

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 11, Day 10 Highlights: The episode starts off with Oviya, Raiza and Harathi discussing about Julie’s character and her behavior with other housemates Oviya gives off an impression of being bad with the house rules as she wants each housemate to wash their clothes and clean their eating plates.

In the next couple of hours, the luxury budget shopping task for the day comes in; where contestants were told dedicate Tamil proverbs given to them to other housemates. The idea of the task is to see how far they have understood other mates in the Bigg Boss house and ho transparent they are. Bigg Boss declared the results of the task in the later hour of the day, but housemates couldn’t able to make it as they weren’t true and transparent to each other.

While housemates had accumulated in the lounge room, Shakthi Vasudevan was seen alone in the men’s room telling Bigg Boss that he is gravely missing his son and family and thus he wasn;t able to concentrate in the given tasks. Looks like Shakthi was furious over Oviya’s act. Gayathri tried to calm him, and Sakthi requesting that her call Ganja Karuppu, who clarified about Oviya offending Shakthi minutes ago to Gayathri. Karuppu said to not mind about her and be content until he remains in the house.

Meanwhile, Namitha didn’t partake in any of the tasks as she has awful health issues, was desperate by housemates behaviors as they didn’t think about her when she is ill. She packed her things up with an intention to leave the show, but she wasn’t allowed to do such. A couple of hours of later, Ganja Karuppu and Vaiyapuri seem to have some great time talking with the camera in the men’s room while Raiza and Harathi are seen discussing about Gayahthri, Juliana and Bharani. Harathi said that she is now able to grasp everyone’s real face, especially Gayathri’s behavior beofre and after becoming the house leader. They are concerned about Julie’s fake behavior who moves differently with others, particularly with Bharani who is true with her.

Housemates are given another luxury budget shopping task called ‘lemon in the spoon’ and ‘sack race’. Snehan is appointed as the referee. He parts housemates into three teams (Red, Blue and Green). Oviya secures first place in the lemon in the spoon game while Harathi and Shakthi were declared first and second runner-up, respectively. Likewise, Bharani comes first in the sack race with Ganesh and Aarav bagging second and third places respectively. Then, Snehan gives medals to each of the winners.

The third luxury budget shopping task given to contestants is that they need to form two separate teams and stage a short film. Ganja Karuppu, Vaiyapuri, Shakthi, Julie, Raiza and Aarav team up together while Gayathri, Oviya, Bharani, Snehan, Harathi and Ganesh from the second team. The former stages a short film in the title ‘Bigg Boss’ and the latter some up with a title ‘WhatsApp’.

With that, the day 10 on Bigg Boss Tamil ends.