Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 10 (July 4, 2017): New luxury budget task introduced, Julie and Bharani singled out

Bigg Boss Tamil Day 9 Episode 10 Highlights: The day 9, episode 10 on Bigg Boss Tamil kick started with contestants woke up for a bumpy song from Neram film. Oviya and Julie were seen dancing for the song in the women’s bed room. In between, newly selected house leader Gayathri advised Bharani to change his behavior as that was the reason why most of the housemates nominated him for eviction.

She went on saying that asking sorry is not a crime rather a good gesture to make others feel comfortable. It’s good to make apology even when it isn’t your fault. As usual Julie tried to play her mind game, but this time it didn’t work, as Bharani asked her to keep herself away from him so that she can continue with the game.

It seemed Bharani has grabbed the spotlight of the housemates after the first week eviction, and not surprisingly, Ganja Karuppu, Vaiyapuri Shakthi Vasudevan, Harathi Ganesh, and Gayathri Raghuram were talking about him. Ganja Karuppu and Vaiyapuri said why they nominated him for elimination while others in the group explicitly agreed to it.

Aarav, Oviya and Raiza were also seen discussing about him in the lawn, but for a good reason. Oviya and Raiza had felt pity on him as he was cornered by everyone in the house, even by Julie, who was upheld by Bharani when she was singled out by others the past week. They complained about Julina’s character as she plays double game with everyone in the house.

It was time for this week’s luxury budget task. Contestants were given a task called “Back to School Days” where contestants will have to attend school again with Snehan as the principal of the school. The first task was to perform ‘Tamil Thai Vazhthu’ song on stage. Contestants then prepared themselves for their first school stage performance and marks were given based on their performance.

Looks like Julie had mocked Gayathri while she performing on stage. For which, Gayathri blasted her for her bad behavior and Julie went on crying to her bed. Oviya tried to pacify her, but it all went in vain as she could control her outrage. Raiza, meanwhile, said to Julie not to respond to her accusations by crying rather hit them back with her good acts. You’ll get weakened if you keep on crying and it was just a game and there’s lot of exciting things off the game.

Gayathri, Raiza and Namitha were told to push other housemates to the swimming pool as a sort of punishment to them because of the former often converse in English which is against the house norms. There seemed to have lots of fun and Gayathri, Raiza and Namitha pledged to talk in Tamil from that moment onwards.

The episode ended with another riddle game. The housemates were split into two teams and each team has to find the name of the movie with the clues given the other contestant. Finally, they have been given some additional supplies for the points they secured in earlier tasks.