Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 67 promo: Julie caught red hand; Harathi pulls her legs

Bigg Boss Tamil episode 67 Synopsis: Earlier this week, Bigg Boss ex-contestants Julie and Harathi Ganesh made their re-entry into the show as the wildcard contestants. According to Bigg Boss, they will stay in the house for a week, and apparently it is not clear whether their stay will be extended or not.

Well, that’s not our concern at least for now, because the show runners brought them back to rage the excitement of the show. And, in fact, it is happening as we speak. After most of the interesting contestants of the show evicted, the show lost its excitement so does its TRPs.

Today’s episode on Bigg Boss Tamil is going to be super exhilarating because Harathi will pull the legs of Juliana aka Julie linking her with Aarav. Harathi recalls the dramatic moments during their stint in the house where she brings in Julie’s love for Aarav to the breakfast table.

As usual, Julie is seen pushing herself as an innocent and said she hasn’t really meant that and had only father feeling on him (in fact, she said it for Vaiyapuri). However, Harathi says that everyone knows about her and she can’t hide the truth too long. Julie proclaimed after re-entering the show that she has changed a lot after the show but it looks like she hasn’t changed a bit when it comes to telling lies.

Are you super excited to watch the show? Bigg Boss Tamil airs on Star Vijay at 9 Pm IST, and until then, watch the promo of today’s episode.

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