Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 66 Promo: Snehan refuses to do the task, Harish gets violent

Bigg Boss Episode 66 Preview: Bigg Boss contestants were super disappointed with the new wildcard entries of Juliana and Harathi Ganesh. Julie said that she hasn’t changed her character but learned a lot after evicted from the house. She takes a dig at Snehan saying she called him as brother from the bottom of her heart but they took advantage of her. She also said that the housemates seemed different inside and outside the show.

Today’s episode on the first season of Bigg Boss Tamil is going to be exciting. Why? Well, Bigg Boss will announce a luxury budget task which will require the contestants to form two teams and play the game. The loosing team will have to do all the tasks in the house like cooking, cleaning and washing until next announcement.

Looks like Snehan isn’t comfortable with the task because he isn’t able to compete with other contestants and refuses to do the task. He even dares of the consequences of failing to do the task. During the task, Harish Kalyan gets frustrated and throws the ball out of the court. The true colors of the contestants are revealed during the task. Even good friends turn into foes.

Here’s the look at the promo of today’s episode:

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