Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 60 Promo: Bigg Boss punishes the housemates for Raiza breaking the rules

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 60 Promo: Bigg Boss contestants Raiza Wilson has not been following the basic rules of the house despite being warned several times. As per Bigg Boss rules, the housemates should not sleep during the day and can only go to bed when the lights are off.

But Raiza Wilson keeps on breaking the rules of the house by sleeping in the day even after cautioned several times by her inmates and Bigg Boss. It’s not long before the luxury budget shopping points were trimmed as a warning to the housemates not to breach the rules of the house.

It appears that Bigg Boss is apparently upset for the ignorance of Raiza towards the rules and decided to teach the housemates a lesson by taking away the eggs provided to them for her breaking the rules. Raiza goes crazy when she was asked to brief the reason why she sleeps in the day and also argues with the Bigg Boss.

Following this, the housemates shriek after seeing their eggs being taken away by a masked man. They really get upset, especially Ganesh, when they find out that they should spend the rest of the week without eggs.

So, will Raiza learn a lesson from this punishment?

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