Bigg Boss Tamil: Bigg Boss takes a dig at Oviya

Bigg Boss Oviya got immense support from fans after she was corned and bullied by the fellow participants of the reality show Bigg Boss, hosted by Kamal Haasan. Oviya and Gayathri Raguram settled their differences earlier this week and Juliana was still burning with anger and rage and all that temper stuff of emotions.

In a promo released today, it looks like Oviya is given a task to pull the carpet with Juliana on it. We are uncertain of what is going inside the house, but looking at the promo, Bigg Boss is trying to show Oviya in bad light as she has a huge support outside the show. It may be the show makers’ effort to nullify the image of Oviya and the support that she has received to date.

Oviya lost her temper due to humiliating tasks and everything goes wrong. Snehan complains that something is wrong and things may go out of hand if Oviya is not taken under control. Aarav tries to pacify Oviya where she says that she has self-respect and done with the show. She wants to go out of the show. Let’s see what happens in Bigg Boss today.