What will happen if contestants attempt to escape from Bigg Boss House?

A sneak peek into day 15 at the Bigg Boss house provided a quick succession of events in which Bharani attempts to escape from the Bigg Boss house. The tension escalates between Bharani and other housemates at the Bigg Boss house who ganged up together against him.

Bharani escape attempt comes after Ganja Karuppu was evicted from the house last Sunday as the result of getting less number of votes than Bharani and Oviya. A sneak peek video provided by the makers revealed Bharani attempting to escape from the house which had shocked the audience but housemates were seemed cool.

This isn’t first time that has happened in the Bigg Boss program. In the seventh season of Hindi version of Bigg Boss, contestant Kushal Tandon attempted to escape from the house due to tension aroused between him and Tanisha Mukherjee in a series of events. In the same way, Ali Quli Mizra from season 8 of the Bigg Boss tried to escape from the house due to allegations with other housemates.

Both of them have been compromised by the show makers and eventually they reached settlement and were sent back into the house.

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