Has Oviya really left the TV Reality Show ‘Bigg Boss’?

Bigg Boss Contestant Oviya seemed mentally disturbed post the tiff between her and Aarav. With the inmates in the house singled-out her earlier on the show, she got attached to Aarav, another contestant, and has proposed to him a few times on the show. She was very close with him than any other contestants in the house and apparently, the inmates, the channel and even Kamal Hassan pulled their legs which made her to get physically close with him.

Suddenly, Aarav began to isolate her, post her violent treatment to Julie, who lied about her and made the housemates to turn against her. Though, it was exposed by Kamal Haasan , the other weekend episode, the housemates continued to target and bully her. Oviya handled them in her own style, but she started to behave irrationally only when Aarav isolated her.

Looks like she truly loved him, and she couldn’t able to take his rejection, and Snehan tried to smooth things between them. For past two days, Oviya was constantly wobbling between confused, angry, happy and sad. She decided to leave the show and started to cause carnage by threatening her inmates, and today’s episode saw the inmates slept in men’s room as they seemed afraid of her.

Today’s episode focused only about Oviya and saw some high voltage drama, emotional and disturbing scenes. She is seen extremely unstable, and requested Bigg Boss that she wanted to consult a doctor as she feels that ‘something is wrong with her’. In the latter half of the episode, she went on to jump into the pool and had to be saved by others.

Later, she was informed that she can leave the show as soon as her manager arrives. Snehan was with her after the incident as he doesn’t want to leave her alone. Going by Friday’s episode, she was informed about leaving the show at late evening that her manger would arrive in 45 minutes. But, there are reports doing rounds on the internet that she has left the show on Friday evening.  Its worth to be noted that the Friday episode saw only events happened the previous day (Thursday).

Meanwhile, a picture of her in a car has gone viral by now. Looking the picture closer, it looks like an old one, but we aren’t sure. But, what if, it is a secret task given to her to act ‘Crazy’. There are chances for that even. The channel has raised the bar among millions of Oviya fans by not telecasting the glimpse of Saturday’s episode (The shoot was completed on Friday). As of Friday, 11:59 PM, Oviya was up for public voting. Vijay Television has not given an official confirmation yet.

Whether Oviya wins the Bigg Boss title or not, she has won the hearts of tens of millions of fans. Her fans naming themselves ‘Oviya Army’ love her positive and charming attitude. So, we will have to wait until tomorrow to find out whether the ‘Kalavani’ girl is leaving the show or not.

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