Is Bharani really a womanizer as claimed by female contestants of Bigg Boss?

Bigg Boss Tamil: While there have been a raging battle going on amongst contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil to win the title of the first season of the reality show, the reason for the harsh treatment meted out by Bharani has finally been unfolded. The housemates had hardly forgotten the fact that they live in a house equipped with more than 30 cameras and have been constantly monitored as they uttered dissipated platitudes about Bharani the whole time.

Namitha grumbled that Bharani didn’t give her the required urban space even though she warned him about that, and looks like she had awful feeling on Bharani the whole time. More shocking details about Bharani hit the shelves of the house when housemates backbite about him at several occasions. It appeared that female contestants had constantly projected him in bad light amongst inmates (including male contestants), spouted one remark after another.

The female contestants have portrayed him as womanizer as if he misbehaved with them, jabbed his eye while they shower and more. Realizing that they have played a precarious game with Bharani, Vaiyapuri said he had misjudged him by listening to the female contestants and Arav consented to his remarks. Going by their statements, the male contestants had ignored him based on the accusations made by the female contestants. Kamal Haasan defended Bharani that they didn’t see any footage proving Namitha’s accusations. Judging by Kamal’s remarks there are likely not any potential evidences against Bharani and they have just defamed Bharani the whole time.

How weird it is? There have been more than 30 cameras all around the Bigg Boss house except the rest room, even there are cameras at wash room. Everyone knows they are constantly under surveillance 24/7, and how come a person knowing this will do all such dirty things. Even the male contestants didn’t think about that and give him a chance to prove his innocence. They just ganged up together and cornered him.

See how things changes when a person is shown in bad light. Ganja Kauppu should be accounted for the harsh treatment that Bharani had meted out during his stay in the house. Bharani was routinely ridiculed and scorned by Ganja Karuppu and the female contestants have added fuel to it. It looks like Bharani will get wild card entry in the coming weeks.