Bharani or Oviya: Who should make wild card entry this week in Bigg Boss Tamil?

With ‘Trigger Star’ Shakthi evicted from the Bigg Boss show, it’s time for the wild card contestants to make grand entry in the Bigg Boss Tamil show. The wildcard contestants will be unleashed on us this week and is expected to shake the Bigg Boss house.


Sunday’s episode saw some emotional drama after Shakthi was announced to be evicted from the house by host Kamal Haasan. The announcement came as quite a shock for both Shakthi himself and Gayathri. Though, Shakthi was disappointed a bit, managed to overcome his emotion, but Gayathri looked dejected as her only companion who always support her has left the show.

While ending yesterday’s episode, Kamal Haasan hinted at a wild card entry along with a new contestant will happen this week. He went on to say that the wild card contestant will bring ecstasy on the audience face but might end up with mixed feelings among housemates.

So judging by his remark, it should be either Bharani or Oviya to renter the Bigg Boss Tamil show as the wild card contestant. But, based on Oviya affirmation to Kamal Haasan during her exit from the show, it is unlikely for her to be part of the show again. Moreover, she is on vacation enjoying her time with her friends and in fact she isn’t reachable as her phone is switched off as long she has been receiving several calls from her fans.

With that said, Oviya won’t make it to Bigg Boss again, and the next option is Bharani, people’s favorite contestant. We are sure that Bharani is the wild card contestant to enter the Bigg Boss house. His reentry to the house would shake the house with the inmates have to face some hardships throughout his stint in the house.

We heard that the makers of the show are in talks with leading actresses in the industry and looks like that have locked one. The show runners have kept the identity of the new contestant under the wraps but we’re hoping for a strong contestant unlike Bindu Madhavi.

So what’s your take on Wild Card entry? Tell us in the comments below.

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