The stunning drone photos taken across the globe will leave you speechless

Drones are the most interesting technology of the future innovation. These days drones are employed everywhere for various reasons. Of those, photography is where drones are implemented in a spectacular way to take aerial shots.

While we are looking for some interesting stuff around the internet then, we found Amos Chapple’s photography, and were stunned seeing the way, how they are taken. We wanted to share some of his clicks and you can check out more on his site.

Taj Mahal
The Taj Mahal and its gardens as the day’s first tourists
Saint Petersburg's Church
Saint Petersburg’s Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood during a squally autumn morning. The church marks the spot where the reformist Tsar Alexander II was assassinated; the patch of the cobbles on which he lay dying is preserved inside the church.
Sagrada Familia
The neatly arranged suburbs around Sagrada Familia. Octagonal city blocks allow for the light, spacious street corners which make al fresco beer & tapas in Barcelona such a delight.
Sagrat Cor Church
Clouds swirl through the pillars of Sagrat Cor Church, high on a hill above Barcelona. Twenty minutes later a thunderstorm hit the city.
Buda castle
Buda castle on August 20, 2014. The barge in the centre of the Danube is loaded with fireworks, launched later that night to celebrate Hungary’s national day.
The star fort at Bourtange. Three centuries after the last cannonball was fired in anger at the fort, it now serves as a museum and centre of a sleepy farming village in eastern Holland. The low, thick walls were designed to offset the pounding force of cannon fire.
 Vittoria Light
The Vittoria Light, overlooking the Gulf of Trieste at sunset.
Hill 3
Known to the locals as ‘Hill 3’ this knoll jutting above Mumbai’s northern slums is no more valuable than the land below; running water, which the hill lacks, is far more valued than any view.
Jama Masjid
Jama Masjid, the heart of Islam in India. The red sandstone structure was built under the orders of the Shah Jahan, the same Emperor who commissioned the Taj Mahal.
Lotus Temple
The Lotus Temple dotted with pigeons at sunrise. Designed by an Iranian exile, the building serves as the centre of the Bahai’i faith in Delhi.
Peter & Paul Fortress
The Peter & Paul Fortress, Saint Petersburg’s founding point. At the time of the fort’s construction, the islands of St. Petersburg were populated only by a ragtag collection of fishermen’s huts. The area was deemed “too wild, too wet, too unhealthy” for human habitation, the equivalent of founding a capital city in the upper reaches of Hudson Bay.
Saints Peter & Paul Cathedral
Saints Peter & Paul Cathedral rising through winter mist.
Saint Petersburg's Hermitage Pavilion
Saint Petersburg’s Hermitage Pavilion wreathed in dawn mist. The little whipped cream palace was famous for parties where mechanical tables laden with food rose from beneath the floorboards
Hotel Ukraina
Hotel Ukraina lit up at dusk.
The spiky skyline of Istanbu
The spiky skyline of Istanbul as a freighter sails for the Sea of Marmara.
The State Hermitage Museum
The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.
 Mtkvari River
The Mtkvari River winding through Tbilisi, Georgia’s elegant capital.
The Palace at Petergof
The Palace at Petergof

Worker and Kolkhoz

Two wrestlers practising the ancient Indian sport of Kushti
Two wrestlers practising the ancient Indian sport of Kushti
The Katskhi Pillar in Georgia
The Katskhi Pillar in Georgia

The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour at sunrise

The Admiralty shipyard in Saint Petersburg
The Admiralty shipyard in Saint Petersburg
A ruined college in Gali Abkhazia
A ruined college in Gali Abkhazia
Paris’ Sacré-Cœur glowing in a hazy sunrise
Paris’ Sacré-Cœur glowing in a hazy sunrise.

[Image Courtesy: Amos Chapple photography]

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