Ashley Graham Shows Off Her Positive Curves at the Miss Universe Red Carpet

Ashley Graham embraces her curvy shape and shows off her super glam on the red carpet at the Miss Universe awards in the Philippines. She arrived to the Miss Universe pageant wearing a black and gold beaded gown and a black leotard underneath, showing off her super glam physique. Her outfit choices were remarkable stunning, grabbing everyone’s attention as she made her way into the pageant here on Monday.

Ashley Graham is the backstage host at this year’s Miss Universe contest with Steve Harvey, the main host of the pageant. Ashley glam pictures begun rolling out in social media as soon as she made her entry at the pageant that’s the craze fans have for her.

Ashley GrahamThe 28-year-old Ashley was the center of attraction with her stunning outfit choices. She seems to be confident and dazzled on the red carpet, beaming her super curvy shape to the cameras out there. She looked amazing in a sparkly black spaghetti strap dress.

Ashley said: ‘My hope and my dream is that women of all shapes and all sizes and clearly we have so many different ethnicity that are in Miss Universe right now are able to compete and able to win and not have anybody have to talk about their weight because that is the most ridiculous thing.’

Ashley Graham

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