Kadamban movie review – An adventurous ride

We have seen Arya donning different avatars in movies and this time movie goers will be witnessing him as tribal in Kadamban. Tamil audiences aren’t used to jungle type movies and this movie is about a story of a tribal hero who saves his people from forced eviction by corporate. Kadamban refers to masculine body, and therefore Arya has increased his body weight to look like hunk. It features Arya and Catherine Teresa in the lead roles, which is directed by Navven Raghavan and music is composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Kadamban Story

The movie itself not inspired from Tarzan, but Arya’s character seemed to have inspired from it. The film carries a strong social message that tells the importance of forest and its wildlife for the prosperity of humans. Arya essays the role of Kadamban is a titular of a tribal village who collects honey for living while Catherine Tresa as Radhi plays his love interest. While everything goes smooth in the village, a corporate enters into the scene aimed at evacuating the people in the village and to destroy the forest for its benefit. Kadamban along with other tribal resist them and how he succeed in saving his people from cunning corporate minds forms the crux of the story.

Arya carries the movie singlehandedly. The film tells how corporate exploit people and resources for the benefits of few cruel people.  Arya looks great in beefed up masculine body and is evident that he had put his hard work together for the film. Arya seemed to be a perfect choice thanks to the director for picking him. He has delivered terrific performance which is evident on screens and the applause that he gets for each and every frame. Catherine Tresa, though, doesn’t have much importance in the film, except she appears in a couple of scenes and songs. Other characters have done justice to their roles.

Arys looks exceptional in an action sequence with a herd of 70 elephants which was shot in Vietnam. Background score was amazing that gives life to the movie. However, songs didn’t leave any impact on audience. The visuals are really stunning and breath-taking, thanks to Sathish Kumar. It’s an interesting plot but it appears that the director fails to engage the audience through the movie. The movie appears to be little bit lengthy.

Verdict:  Kadamban is enthralling and enchanting. Just go for it to experience something that you have not watched before in Tamil cinemas.