Armies of Oviya Fans mobilize to blast hashtag #Oviya to record tweets

Bigg Boss Tamil: After the release of today’s Bigg Boss episode promo earlier today, loyal fans of Oviya lashed out Gayathri Raguram and Co. on social media for making Oviya cry on the show. It’s been 25 days on Bigg Boss ever since the reality show made it to television and Oviya has been amusing her fans with her carefree attitude and charming expressions.

Oviya has earned the love of tens of millions of people, but she isn’t able to win over the likes of her fellow inmates in Bigg Boss. So, what would be the reason? As far as our concerned, the root cause of the problem is Gayathri, who is like a bossy character.

Gayathri thinks herself as superior, never goes easy with the inmates except her pals and wants to dominate everyone as she considers herself to be the honest and righteous person on the show. She targets her mates, makes them feel discomfort, portrays as the most evil person on the planet until they agree to what she says and makes them bow down to her. She is confined to a group of inmates who say yes to whatever she says.

This is what happened to Juliana, but her character trait is known to everyone, being cunning, double-faced, dishonest, unfaithful, and overall she is a Chameleon that camouflage itself to variety of colors and patterns depending on the situation. She fits with her and does anything to satisfy Gayathri’s most dangerous ego.

All other housemates accept what Gayathri says. Namitha has also similar traits as Gayathri, and no one knows why Raiza is on the show. Everyone’s opinion is her opinion. So, who is only person having a unique trait in the Bigg Boss show? It’s none other than Oviya, thus naturally they hate her. If you have been watching the show regularly, then you know how they move their cards against her, but that’s not going to help them in anyway.

As I said, housemates gang up together and cornered her and they went to the extreme level by not letting her sleep at night. Such a sadist, cunning and cruel people they are. Armies of Oviya fans, who were already impressed had exploded and flooded the twitter with tweets supporting her. She is trending on Twitter India as we speak.